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IPR – Intellectual Property Rights

Baba Gee Calico Printing is a product selling platform that respects the intellectual property rights of its customers and we expect our customers to do the same.

We appreciate your help in identifying products that may not be up to par to infringe on your rights.

If you believe that a product at Baba Gee Calico Printing infringes on your customer rights or other intellectual property rights, you may contact us via our customer support or our email.

Baba Gee Calico Printing is not responsible for any third-party seller and is not liable or responsible in case of any infringement done by a third party. In case of any fraud done by a third party, we do not hold any responsibility for it. The third-party will be solely responsible for any kind of scam, fraud, or false advertisement.

Baba Gee Calico Printing is not a judge of any issues regarding Intellectual Property Rights. If we take down any of our products, due to our own reasons, we do not endorse any claim of scam, fraud, or infringement.

Baba Gee Calico Printing always has the right to remove any of its products at any time. For further queries regarding our products, please get in touch with us through email

In case of any dispute regarding a product, if the accuser fails to provide any substantial proof regarding the matter or fails to respond in time, we will expeditiously declare a verdict according to the situation at hand.

For further information, get in touch with us via email with the subject containing “Intellectual Property Rights”.